Founded in 2005 by prominent professionals in India, Institute of Chartered Tax Advisers of India was approved by Govt. of India as Public body in 2009 under Central act 1 of 1956 to impart specialized education in field of taxation and to have a common platform for all those who practice in taxation laws, irrespective of their individual affiliations and to enable them to share the benefits of their learning, experience and knowledge.

ICTAI has been recognized and approved by Govt. of India to carry out its educational activities.

In 2005, eminent professionals from the fields of Direct and Indirect Taxes conceived the idea of establishing a National level body for Tax Advisers. The Institute has completed 12 years of its purposeful existence. ICTAI is supported by Company Secretaries, Chartered Accountants, Senior Advocates, Advocates and Tax Practitioners, practicing Direct and Indirect Taxes, from across the Country.

ICTAI fosters study and discussion of complex and controversial issues in tax theory, practice and policy, and other aspects of taxation.

Professional associated with ICTAI enjoys a strong bond of fellowship leading to fraternal brotherhood amongst professionals. ICTAI brings together corporate, academic, and independent professionals– a rich mix of Tax Professionals and policy analysts; taxpayer representatives; practicing lawyers and accountants; professors of economics, law and accounting; students; and interested citizens. As of today in the taxation, ICTAI is the only apex incorporated organisation of our country which has been conferred Chartered with its name. It is a unique association at the National level.

Professionals and students associated with ICTAI have a role in all aspects of the institutes’ professional activities and programs, including setting the agenda for conferences and seminars, participating in the annual Symposium and the annual Conference on Taxation, and contributing to ICTAI publications. Professionals and students associated with ICTAI benefit from steeply reduced conference registration fees.

As leader in the field, ICTAI is committed for enhancement of knowledge and employable skills and commitment to maintain the highest standards and integrity. Today ICTAI contribute its efforts towards large number of undergraduate and graduates students to become successful individuals in highly demanding career in Taxation.